Richard Michaels

Describing himself as “an idea guy” Rich builds all of the tools Great Circle Learning offers for instructional design and development and he’s the genius behind our new AuthorTec Tools for Office. A software developer turned instructional designer, Rich holds a degree in adult education and is expert at applying critical thinking to business challenges. In addition to his responsibilities as Chief Product Architect for Great Circle Learning, Rich volunteers his technical expertise to help others realize their potential within the Microsoft Microsoft Office technical communities that are accessed by millions of people worldwide. Microsoft has recognized Rich’s contribution by awarding him MVP status each year since 2013 and including 2018.


Nancy Michaels

Nancy is Great Circle Learning’s people person. She applies her depth of knowledge about Great Circle Learning's training design & development software to coach learning & development professionals who want to change their professional lives for the better. Adept at bringing specific and well-defined issues to the attention of others, Nancy knows how to provide the resources, training and support necessary for others to carry out the solutions Great Circle Learning software can deliver. “My goal is happiness for everyone using the Learning Design Tool, LeaderGuide Pro and all of the software Great Circle Learning provides.” Nancy envisions a world where Learning & Development is valued and L&D professionals are equipped with the tools they need to work faster and smarter… so they can go home on time. 

John McGhie headshot

John McGhie

John McGhie is a consultant technical writer practising in Sydney, Australia. Mr. McGhie specialises in long and/or complex documents required to comply with exacting style guides and tight deadlines. Although created in Microsoft Word, few modern documents are ever printed on paper: online dissemination and consumption is the norm these days.  Mr. McGhie began writing professionally in 1973, and has worked in copywriting, journalism, technical writing, bid writing and book publishing. He co-owns a digital printing company Mr. McGhie was awarded as a Microsoft MVP between 1997 and 2018, and produces add-ins for Microsoft Word as a sideline.

Pat Michaels headshot

Patrick Michaels

Patrick’s background is in management with a focus on customer service and sales. He is skilled in business productivity and problem solving. From his eighteen-plus years of experience in the financial and hospitality sectors, he has learned that employee training and coaching contribute directly to an organization’s ultimate success. Patrick is excited to be a part of Great Circle Learning. A graduate of Clemson University, Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education. He and his wife Ellen live outside Boston with their five children, twelve chickens, four ducks, two rabbits and a pair of dogs.