Design Tools

The Learning Design Tool logo

The Learning Design Tool is a smart template and cognitive work task automation tool for the Design phase. The Learning Design Tool is an advance organizer, professional job aide and time-saver for Instructional Designers who create Design Documents in Word.

The Zapps Pro Scripter logo

Zapps Pro Scripter is for developers who use PowerPoint as the starting point for virtual and traditional instructor-led training. Scripter puts the focus on the instructional content for presenters and producers.

Development Tools


LeaderGuide Pro is a Word add-in that builds consistent and professionally formatted facilitator guides.

For instructional developers, instructional writers and subject matter experts LeaderGuide Pro provides smart templates and automation to increase efficiency and ensure consistency when building instructor-led training.

The LeaderGuide Pro IGST logo

LeadgerGuide Pro IGST is a bridge between regular Word documents and LeaderGuide Pro. The IGST is an Instructor Guide Scripting Template that runs within Word to create documents that can be easily transferred into LeaderGuide Pro

As a licensed LeaderGuide Pro user, if you add the IGST to your license you can share the IGST with SMEs, contractors and other content contributors who do not have a license to LeaderGuide Pro.

The IGST is a great tool if your training organization works with outside content providers who cannot be required to use LeaderGuide Pro

The Elements Pro Logo

Elements Pro is a simpler version of LeaderGuide Pro that makes it easy to leverage existing slides and content for use as facilitator guides or participant guides.

For those who are new to developing training materials, and those who are building basic facilitator or participant guides for training programs less than one day in length.

the george! logo

george! professionally publishes PowerPoint to Word. 

george! is an add-in to PowerPoint that adds two types of functionality to increase productivity and professionalism for anyone who makes PowerPoint-driven presentations.

Document Management Tools

Zapps Pro The Collection logo

Zapps Pro The Collection is a Word add-in for writers and editors that automates document clean-up and maintenance. The Collection adds functionality to simplify and speed up the editing of Word documents in the following major areas of effort.

Zapps Pro GOT-UR-BACK logo

Zapps Pro GOT-UR-BACK is a FREE Office add-in that provides file overwrite protection with easy access to back-up copies. Got-ur-Back saves up to 5 levels of back-up copies of your files. 


AuthorTec logo

AuthorTec are automated time saver tools for Microsoft Office that run on Mac & PC

AuthorTec Accessibility icon

AuthorTec Accessibility 

This Word add-in will generate Alt Text for screen readers, and it makes it easy to review and edit Alt Text.

AuthorTec AutoCorrect icon

AuthorTec AutoCorrect

This Word add-in will backup and restore Plain Text AutoCorrect entries and Formatted Text AutoCorrect entries. It will also backup and restore AutoText entries.

AuthorTec Extract Objects icon

AuthorTec Extract Objects

This Word add-in copies selected objects and text from the open Word document and pastes the copied content into another Word document.

Quickly find and copy multiple items from one document for use in another document.

AuthorTec File Doctor icon

AuthorTec File Doctor

NEW! Covert a PDF to .docx

This Word add-in now assists you with four major tasks – Renaming files, Converting Word files to other document formats, Adding password protection for opening and editing Word documents, and Converting PDF files to .docx Word files.

All of these functions can be performed on multiple files and saves you from having to perform the tasks manually, one file at a time.

AuthorTec Find’n Highlight icon

AuthorTec Find'n Highlight

This Word add-in searches your document for a list of potential words or phrases that you indicate, and highlights any that are found.

Use the easy method provided to locate the highlighted words, alter them if you wish, and then move to the next highlighted text with a simple click.

Build and Save your custom list of words and phrases, and begin a new search by loading one of your custom lists.

AuthorTec Insert Docs ‘n Pics icon

AuthorTec Insert Docs 'n Pics

This Word add-in allows you to import, resize and border documents, images and PowerPoint into the open Word document on your screen.

AuthorTec Link icon

AuthorTec Link

This Word add-in quickly fixes broken picture links by correcting the linked folder path or changing the type of link on the Pictures.

AuthorTec Quick Styles icon

AuthorTec Quick Styles

This Word add-in allows you to rapidly customize Quick Styles in Microsoft Word.

By mastering the Quick Styles access panel on Word's Home tab ribbon you will eliminate formatting headaches and save time.

AuthorTec Resize Images icon

AuthorTec Resize Images

This Word add-in makes it a snap to resize all or selective images and add or remove borders around the images.

AuthorTec Save Pictures icon

AuthorTec Save Pictures

This Word add-in extracts from any Microsoft Word document embedded or linked objects such as Charts, SmartArt, Pictures, Equations, etc. and creates picture files of them.

AuthorTec Statistics icon

AuthorTec Statistics

This Word add-in gathers the stats about every aspect of your open document with one click and displays everything in one convenient dialog box.

AuthorTec Tables icon

AuthorTec Tables

This Word add-in provides ready to use custom table styles. Easy to modify. Re-usable in new documents.

AuthorTec Update Styles icon

AuthorTec Update Styles

This Word add-in allows you to rapidly apply updated styles from a master template to one or more documents.