What are you willing to do for yourself? Are you willing to make investments now that reward you in the future? Are you willing to take time out of your busy schedule now to save time in the future?

Are you willing to learn to be better at doing something, than you are right now?

There are three tenets to learning …

  1. Learners learn what learners want to learn.

  2. We learn by doing.

  3. Mastery is an iterative learning process of reflection and doing.

Visualize a subject to learn as a Merry-Go-Round that you can get on and off at will.

If you want to get on, or you are forced to get on, you have the opportunity to learn but do you learn? Do you take the time to master the subject, or do you just take the short ride and perform enough to get by?

I think people are often unwilling to learn because they believe they already know. I see this in computer software training. Not training about how to program software, but training in how to use the software.

Self Assess

If someone suggested that you attend a class on Microsoft Word, if you had a choice, would you do it?

My bet is no you wouldn't.

You think you already know how to use the desktop application. Heck, you've been using it since your school days … Right? Your boss wouldn't let you take a training course on software usage anyway … bosses usually know less about what you really need day in and day out, and regarding software, they have the same misconceptions you do about already knowing how to use it.

By the way, this article is not just about Microsoft Word, I'm only using it as an example because I want to emphasize the points about your willingness to become a continuous learner. I want you to reflect on your bad habit of thinking you know, when you really don't. To do that, I'm guessing that using Microsoft Word is something you and I have common, so hopefully something I say about it will trigger an "I get it" response from you.

Concerning Microsoft Word, do you know how to …

  1. Create a multi-level list?

  2. Have two or more uniquely formatted multi-level lists in a document?

  3. Set your custom multi-level list so they are available in all documents you create?

  4. Use the functions of AutoCorrect and AutoText (a.k.a. Building Blocks) and explain the differences?

  5. Add chapter numbering to headings?

  6. Create multi-level chapter numbering? (ex. 1.1.2 My Heading)

  7. Create a custom Table of Contents, Table of Figures, etc.?

  8. Format tables to include calculations?

  9. Create custom forms?

  10. Customize Word's ribbon to better meet your needs?

  11. Automate repeating processes?

  12. Perform a Mail Merge?

If you don't know how to do some of the above, and of course if they are important to you (remember tenet number 1), then you need to get some help on how to use Microsoft Word. Why? Because knowing more about a product, process, method, etc. will help you be more productive and maybe get your job done more quickly and with less metal anguish.

Concerning performing in your current job, and being truly honest with yourself … What do you need to learn? Are you willing to invest the time?

Your Emergency is Not My Emergency

Your Emergency is Not My Emergency

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Quantity is More Important than Quality