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Numbered Lists that Hold & Answers that Hide

Anyone who uses Word to create documents with numbered lists knows the of agony discovering that your lists have gone sequential on you as your document gets bigger. Microsoft Word is actually set up to work this way, but it's not usually what we want. This newest release of LeaderGuide Pro contains an alternative style guide that allows you to set up numbered lists that include images, lines, answers, etc. that you can demote through 9 levels.

The Myth of Convenience

Our software automates Word and PowerPoint to eliminate hours of tedious drudge work and frees you to do your best work... "I can do that myself." Yes you can, but do you really want to? Wouldn't you rather be doing other things? Is it the best use of your time? Using our software ensures consistency, improves productivity and allows you to better manage your work.

No time to write objectives?

How can you write an effective training program that you can be confident will accomplish its goals if you don't have objectives that are clearly defined and communicated to the instructor and the learner? LeaderGuide Pro helps by providing a placeholder for your terminal objective at the start of each module and a placeholder for your enabling objective at the start of each lesson.

Get to Know a Button

Getting to know the buttons is a surprisingly fast way to increase comfort and knowledge about software. In doing a series of videos on the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon I came to realize that simply getting to know the buttons is a great way to build comfort with the software and increase knowledge of what it does.