Intuition is Just a Subjective Opinion

Intuition is Just a Subjective Opinion

I will always remember the time when I first contracted with someone to create a custom website for our company, it was an enlightening experience. I asked during the Design phase as I was looking at mockups of the pages …

"Where is the Home button so the user could return to the first page?"

By the tone of the response I got from the designer, you'd have thought I questioned their parentage.

"Everyone knows to click the logo. That's intuitive to everyone who uses the web!"


Here's a test of your intuition about the meaning of a few icons …

What does each one mean?


Which one?

1. Heart

2. Rating

3. Love

4. Favorite


What’s this?

1. Ask for Help

2. Supply Rescue Tips

3. You've Got Bad Breath


Is this…

1. Connect a Headset

2. or Increase the Sound Volume?


Does this mean

Connect a Microphone

or Increase Sound Volume?


What’s this?

1. Insert a Chart,

2. Add Another a Chart,

3. Increase the Sound Volume?


Does this mean

1. Search

2. Zoom

3. Investigate

4. Study

or something else?

Saying something is intuitive, particularly around graphical icons, is just a subjective opinion.

Intuition is personal just as logic is personal, based on experience, knowledge, and consistent frequency of usage that you have seen and acknowledged. Don't believe it? Think about the times you've been in a restaurant and went looking for a restroom …

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 5.31.59 PM.png

You intuitively recognize this


Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 5.44.21 PM.png

But what is this?

And you are in a hurry!

When you are designing something, such as an eLearning or Mobile Learning solution, be careful with your graphical user interface. What you or your graphic artist might consider fun, creative and intuitive could end up being confusing to your audience. They are the ones that really count!

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