How to Deal with Mr. Moocher

How to Deal with Mr. Moocher

Have you ever had that moment when someone says something that leaves you dumbstruck? Shaking your head and at a loss for words?

This happened recently through an email we received, and I am sharing my experience because it might help you the next time you find yourself in a similar situation. I have edited the email for clarity and to remove personal references. I will add that there was a LinkedIn profile in the email signature. Remember this point for later.

I am struggling with creating handouts from PowerPoint slides, as many have experienced. I saw a discussion about how george! can be used for this.

I am just starting out struggling to get started as an independent consultant and george! would help me. There's no way I can afford the license fee. Do you have any free versions available? I don't need all the bells and whistles, I just need to be able to do what PPT is supposed to do but can't.

If there is nothing free, I'd appreciate any suggestions you have for other tools or some way I can make the PPT "create handouts" work.

For those who work with PowerPoint and want to provide handouts to participants, you understand that this is not done well by Microsoft. We realized this quite some time ago and created a solution to the problem. It is a classic business model. Find a problem, create a solution, then provide the solution for a fee. You need the fee because your time, knowledge and resources go into creating, continually enhancing and supporting the solution.

Our product george! is the solution for creating handouts from PowerPoint slides. We offer a range of license options, including a monthly subscription that costs $25 and can be cancelled without penalty.

Back to Mr. Moocher and the cherry on top of his email. His closing request was that we do the research for free alternatives for him, if we can’t provide our software for free.

Remember that LinkedIn profile? Of course, I went to it. Curiosity has not killed this cat yet. I was expecting a fresh out of college, inexperienced individual. Instead I found a Premium LinkedIn account detailing the career of a 22-year veteran of the executive ranks of a Fortune 500 company, now turned consultant.

My initial reaction was to quickly send off a not very polite slap down.

However, I am a professional. I took a few moments to gather myself and sent off the following response. I hope will it help you the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

We definitely understand the frustration of trying to create handouts from PowerPoint. That is why we put in the time and effort to create solutions to that problem.

We offer several ways to license george!

$25 a month for a recurring monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time without penalty

$99 for an Annual Subscription

$199 for a Perpetual License

Is being able to create handouts from PowerPoint a big deal for the success of your consulting business?

If yes, then you need to figure out how to factor the cost of the product into your pricing. Think of a carpenter; he needs a hammer, saw and other tools to succeed. Those are business investments the carpenter needs to make.

We are unaware of anyone or any other product that solves this PowerPoint handouts issue. You can always reach out to Microsoft to see when or if they are looking at finding a solution. We wish you the best of luck and hope you can see the value of investing in george!

Remaining businesslike and professional when pushed to behave otherwise is one of the greatest skills any of us can master.

Through all of this, I would still love to help Mr. Moocher because I understand his pain with PowerPoint handouts and our product george! would help him produce a more professional result. And because my job at Great Circle Learning is to make you an all-star in your job. I do that by supporting you as a user of our software and sharing my expertise. It is amazing to help others succeed. I am passionate about it and it is where I find my worth.

That being said, we run a business, not a charity. I hope I have helped you see how to deal with the Mr. Moochers in your life. They are an affront to the hard work, time and expertise of the people who create and sell business solutions to business professionals. Remaining businesslike and professional when pushed to behave otherwise is one of the greatest skills any of us can master.


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