Always Running A Little Behind

Always Running A Little Behind

A potential new customer described herself as “always running a little behind” and I could relate. I bet you can too. For so many reasons, we are all usually running a little behind.

When I asked what would help, her answer was that she needed ways to be more efficient and do her job better. Again, who can’t relate, right?

Take a look below at a few Word add-ins from us that are:

  1. Easy to use

  2. Free

  3. Designed to help you work more efficiently.


Save Time in Microsoft Word

AuthorTec Tools for Office automate tasks you currently do by hand. Each AuthorTec tool is a Word add-in that performs one primary task. And right now, these AuthorTec tools are free.


14 FREE Tools

Download the ones that pertain to work you currently do by hand. They are easy to install and use. If you need help simply contact us.

AuthorTec Accessibility

This Word add-in will generate Alt Text for screen readers, and it makes it easy to review and edit Alt Text.


AuthorTec AutoCorrect

This Word add-in will backup and restore Plain Text AutoCorrect entries and Formatted Text AutoCorrect entries. It will also backup and restore AutoText entries.


AuthorTec Extract Objects

This Word add-in copies selected objects and text from the open Word document and pastes the copied content into another Word document.


AuthorTec File Doctor

This Word add-in assists you with four major tasks – Converting PDF files to .docx Word files, Renaming files, Converting Word files to other document formats, and Adding password protection for opening and editing Word documents.


AuthorTec Find'n Highlight

This Word add-in searches your document for a list of potential words or phrases that you indicate, highlights any that are found, and makes it easy to remove or edit them.


AuthorTec Insert Docs 'n Pics

This Word add-in allows you to import, resize and border PowerPoint slides, images and even other Word documents into an open Word document.


AuthorTec Link

This Word add-in quickly fixes broken picture links by correcting the linked folder path or changing the type of link on the Pictures.


AuthorTec Manage Styles

This Word add-in allows you to allows you to reorder the listing of styles in the Styles Task Pane.


AuthorTec Quick Styles

This Word add-in allows you to rapidly customize Quick Styles in Microsoft Word.


AuthorTec Resize Images

This Word add-in makes it a snap to resize all or selective images and add or remove borders around the images.

AuthorTec Save Pictures

This Word add-in extracts from any Microsoft Word document embedded or linked objects such as Charts, SmartArt, Pictures, Equations, etc. and saves them as picture files that you can then reuse.


AuthorTec Statistics

This Word add-in gathers the stats about every aspect of your open document with one click and displays everything in one convenient dialog box.

AuthorTec Tables

This Word add-in provides ready to use custom table styles. The included tables are easy to modify. And you can create your own custom tables. All of the tables are the available to reuse in new documents.

AuthorTec Update Styles

This Word add-in allows you to rapidly apply updated styles from a master template to one or more documents.

More time-saving software that helps you do a better job

We also offer tools for instructional design and development, and tools for speakers and presenters. Check out all of our time-saving tools at


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