How I Use AuthorTec Insert Docs'n Pics

How I Use AuthorTec Insert Docs'n Pics

AuthorTec Insert Docs’n Pics is a Word add-in that simplifies the process of importing documents, images & PowerPoint into Word documents.


Tara Aukerman is a Senior Instructional Design Consultant at Trinity Health in Livonia, MI. Tara shared the following with us, and we’d like to share it with you.

I use Insert Document to pull short templates or smaller documents into longer documents.

An example:


In a design doc, like the kind you can create with the Learning Design Tool, there are prompts and placeholders for particular kinds of information. One thing I always include in my design docs is a course outline… but I use my own standardized template that includes things like required signoff fields, etc.

Using Insert Docs 'n Pics, I can pull that template right into the design doc. It keeps my structure, fields, placeholders, and styles, but applies the formatting options (like client brand fonts, colors, etc.) of the destination document so everything matches up and looks like it was created all at once.

I have also used this tool to combine several shorter documents (from multiple authors using various templates) into a longer document – the content comes in, but the nonstandard formatting stays out.

This tool takes all the work of copying, pasting, selecting and applying formatting, etc. out of the import process.

I use Insert Images to insert multiple images at a time.

Things like screenshots of consecutive steps for a job aid, or images for comparison in a crosswalk.

You can set a bunch of options, such as border size and color, labels, size, etc., up front – options that you'd otherwise have to manually apply to the images one by one (or using macros that you have to record and save).

Image of Insert Documents, Pictures, and PowerPoint Slides dialogue box

Third, I use Insert PowerPoint to pull a slide deck into a Word doc.

Either a whole deck or selected slides. You can export handouts and things from PowerPoint, but with very little control over what the resulting document looks like.

If you use this tool, you can set the size and dimensions, border color and width ONCE before import, rather than editing each handout slide one at a time, or writing and running macros.


Try It

AuthorTec Insert is free. Instructions on how to use it are built in, and available on our website under the Help tab.

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