Microsoft Office 365 Word Add-ins Offered as a Public Service

Microsoft Office 365 Word Add-ins Offered as a Public Service

As a public service for everyone who uses Microsoft Office, Great Circle Learning is now offering AuthorTec Tools for Office, a new line of productivity software tools, at no charge.

Developed by Great Circle Learning's Chief Product Architect and Microsoft Word MVP Richard V. Michaels, AuthorTec Tools for Office address common challenges faced by users of Word in the realms of business and academia.

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AuthorTec Tools for Office add-in to desktop versions of Word in Microsoft Office 365 to simplify and speed up the accomplishment of common tasks.

3 Great Things about AuthorTec Tools for Office

  1. AuthorTec Tools are focused - each tool performs one primary task

  2. AuthorTec Tools are easy to use 

  3. AuthorTec Tools are free! Download from

AuthorTec Accessibility Icon

AuthorTec Accessibility 

This Word add-in will generate Alt Text for screen readers. And makes it easy to review and edit Alt Text.

Download AuthorTec Accessibility


The AuthorTec Extract Objects Icon

AuthorTec Extract Objects

This Word add-in allows you to move through an open Word document to select text, pictures, charts, tables, etc. and paste the selected content into another Word document. 

Download AuthoTec Extract Objects


The AuthorTec File Doctor Icon

AuthorTec File Doctor

This Word add-in assists you with 3 major tasks, all of which can be performed on multiple files at the same time.

Download AuthoTec File Doctor







The AuthorTec Find’n Highlight Icon

AuthorTec Find'n Highlight

This Word add-in searches your document for a list of potential words or phrases that you indicate and highlights any that are found. It includes an easy method to locate and move through the highlighted words, so that you can alter them if you wish. 

You can build and Save your own custom lists of words and phrases. And the software Includes 9 ready-to-use lists:


The AuthorTec Insert Docs’n Pics Icon

AuthorTec Insert Docs'n Pics

This Word add-in streamlines the process of importing and properly placing and sizing imported text & objects into an open Word document by providing the ability to perform multiple functions at the same time:

  • Select & import multiple items from an existing Word document into an open document

  • Set the imported image size, add or remove borders on the imported items, and caption the imported images 

  • Import, size and border PowerPoint - all or selective slides

    Download AuthorTec Insert Docs'n Pics


The AuthorTec Link Icon

AuthorTec Link

This Word add-in quickly fixes broken picture links by correcting the linked folder path or changing the type of link on the Pictures. Simply open your troubled document and make your fixes.

Download AuthorTec Link


The AuthorTec Quick Styles Icon

AuthorTec Quick Styles

This Word add-in allows you to rapidly customize Quick Styles in Microsoft Word. You will eliminate formatting headaches and save time by mastering the Quick Styles access panel on Word's Home tab ribbon.

With AuthorTec Quick Styles you can: 

  • Customize the Quick Styles you see on the Home tab

  • Create custom Quick Styles for a specific document 

  • Save your custom Quick Styles for use in new documents 

    Download AuthorTec Quick Styles


The AuthorTec Resize Images Icon

AuthorTec Resize Images

This Word add-in makes it a snap to resize all or selective images and add or remove borders around the images.

Download AuthorTec Resize Images


The AuthorTec Save Pictures Icon

AuthorTec Save Pictures

This Word add-in extracts from any Microsoft Word document embedded or linked objects such as Charts, SmartArt, Pictures, Equations, etc. and creates picture files of them.

Choose which objects to extract in three ways: all of them, or all from a selected range in the document, or individually marked items.

Download AuthorTec Save Pictures


The AuthorTec Statistics Icon

AuthorTec Statistics

This Word add-in gathers the stats about every aspect of your open document with one click and displays everything in one convenient dialog box. Quickly gather relevant data about 23 different aspects of an open Word document.

Download AuthorTec Statistics


The AuthorTec Tables Icon

AuthorTec Tables

This Word add-in provides:

  • Ready-to-use custom table styles

  • And, the ability to create and Save your own custom table templates for reuse.

Format them as you wish including fonts, styles, cell formatting, row and column banding, colorization, and anything else you need.

Download AuthorTec Tables


While they are free, all of the AuthorTec Tools for Office are proprietary software products of Great Circle Learning. They have been developed as a public service by our Chief Product Architect and Microsoft Word MVP, Richard V. Michaels.

2018-2019 Microsoft MVP Award

2018-2019 Microsoft MVP Award

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