8 Key Benefits of LeaderGuide Pro

8 Key Benefits of LeaderGuide Pro

LeaderGuide Pro is training development software for instructional designers and developers of professional education who use Word and PowerPoint as the basis for development of course materials.


LeaderGuide Pro files are Microsoft Word files

LeaderGuide Pro is an add-in to Microsoft Word. It creates Word files that:

  • are controlled, stored and owned by the licensed LeaderGuide Pro user

  • can be shared with any Microsoft Word user


LeaderGuide Pro files remain available for use as Word docs

Even if your LeaderGuide Pro software license is interrupted or discontinued.

  • Flexible license options allow you to move in and out of software use as needed.


LeaderGuide Pro automates Word and PowerPoint for speed

Building consistent training materials is faster because with LeaderGuide Pro you:

  • start from a branded template that conforms to your standards

  • maintain formatting as the document is worked in over time

  • extract participant guides from facilitator guides

  • sync content and page number references between companion documents.


LeaderGuide Pro ensures consistency & is easy to customize

LeaderGuide Pro uses "Collections" to contain, apply and control document formatting.

Easily create your own unique Collections, which are reusable and can be shared with other LeaderGuide Pro users.

Custom Collections can include your preferred

  • Icons & Fonts 

  • Page layouts & Headers and footers

  • Cover pages, Copyright & Course ID info

  • Facilitator Getting Started information

  • Global naming conventions & Default text 


LeaderGuide Pro focuses the developer on content 

LeaderGuide Pro document pages format for you as you work, to visually drive development.

The LeaderGuide Pro ribbon provides easy-to-use automation that:

  • Structures the document into modules and lessons

  • Makes it easy to add, remove and reorder modules and lessons

  • Adds icons and content placeholders to lesson pages

  • Formats content as it is typed or pasted in 

  • Imports images and sizes them appropriately for their position in the document

  • Makes it easy to resize all or selective images 

  • Imports PowerPoint slide images, slide text, and slide notes 

  • Makes it easy to replace imported slides and notes

  • Allows the user to create PowerPoint from within a LeaderGuide Pro document 

  • Performs routine document maintenance including page numbering, Table of Contents, and Time tracking


LeaderGuide Pro automates and tracks Time 

As you assign time allotments for modules, lessons and learning activities, LeaderGuide Prowill:

  • Tally and update all Time references at the module, lesson and activity levels

  • Track Cumulative time at the start of each new Lesson

  • Generate a timed Course Agenda


LeaderGuide Pro adds Alt Text for 508 Compliance 

As images, charts, and other non-text objects are inserted into your file, LeaderGuide Pro adds Alt Text to verbally identity each object

  • so that screen readers can tell their users what is on the page.

This helps to ensure compliance with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which requires that electronic and information technology (EIT) be accessible to people with disabilities.


LeaderGuide Pro runs with the Spanish and French language versions of Microsoft, in addition to English

When running the Windows Language pack for French or Spanish, the LeaderGuide Proribbon, dialog boxes, and built-in written instructions are converted to the chosen language.


You need LeaderGuide Pro...


If you develop facilitator guides and participant guides to support instructor-led training.

Great Circle Learning is the developer and sole source provider of LeaderGuide Pro

Join us and learn how to save time and reduce stress when developing training programs

Join us and learn how to save time and reduce stress when developing training programs

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