The Myth of Convenience

"I can do that myself"

And you can make a cup of coffee and bring it with you to work every morning instead of buying one. And you can walk instead of driving. And you can chop your own vegetables for that stir fry instead of spending more on pre-cut veggies.

Our software automates Word and PowerPoint to eliminate hours of tedious drudge work and frees you to do your best work... "I can do that myself." Yes you can, but do you really want to? Wouldn't you rather be doing other things? Is it the best use of your time? Using our software ensures consistency, improves productivity and allows you to better manage your work.

"Where was this when we slugged our way through that big project?"

We demo our software a lot. Every Monday it starts all over again. The most seasoned professionals ooh and ahh. "Where was this when we slugged our way through that big project?" they ask. We sigh together and agree that our software would have been a game changer.

We talk about all the wasted time and less than stellar results they have been struggling with. 

"I'm starting a big project. We don't have time to learn how to use your software but we need it. Tell me it will be okay."

The time for action on any matter of importance is before a project reaches crisis mode. You know that.

"This is so much better."

Our software helps you to work smarter along with faster. It removes many of the tedious tasks in projects that have to be done, but often take too much time and energy. If they are not done right, they can lead to many of those project "crisis" everyone knows all too well.

The myth of convenience is that "convenience" actually has a high price. It happens when your old convenient method takes longer and produces less professional output. Having to learn something new may on the surface look less-convenient but with good productivity software, like ours, the time saved when using it more than compensates for the time you invested to learn it.  

Immediate payback.

In other words, your upfront investment in learning our product, pays you back immediately on the very first project where you use it... Now that is really convenient!

User Support is included. Tutorials and videos are built into the software, and available 24/7 on our website at

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