Shortcuts for Word Content

Shortcuts for Word Content

How many times a day, week or month do you re-type the same content? Sure, you adjust it a bit based on audience or context, but it's essentially the same content you always use. So why not use a shortcut to get that text in place quickly? 

The Auto Correct function in Word is perfect for this. Here's what to do:

1) Set up your content chunk in Word.

  1. Make sure it's just the way you want it.

  2. Highlight it.

  3. If you are using LeaderGuide Pro scroll to the end of this page.


2) Bring up Auto Correct in Word.

  1. Click on File along the top of your screen in Word

  2. Look down the left column and click on Options

  3. Click on Proofing

  4. Click on Auto Correct options

3) Set up your Auto Correct entry

  1. You will see your content in the middle of the Auto Correct box under With:

  2. Your cursor will be flashing in the spot to the left of your content under Replace:

  3. Type in a shortcut for your content.

Shortcut? Pick a couple of letters that you will remember. In the future you will simply type in your shortcut and keep going. Your shortcut will expand to your full content chunk.

4) Decide whether to use Formatted Text or Plain Text

Formatted will insert your content exactly as you currently have it formatted. This is a good choice when the current font and style attributes are required.

Plain text will allow your content to assume the formatting attributes of the spot where you add it. This is a good choice if you need this content formatted differently depending on when and where you are using it.

5) Save your Auto Correct entry

  1. Click Add

  2. Click OK

  3. Make a note of your Shortcut!!

Try it: Type your shortcut onto a page in Word and keep going. It will expand to your full content string.

TIP:  Once you start using Auto Correct you’ll be hooked. So why not add Auto Correct to your Quick Access Toolbar? 

  1. Click the down arrow at the end of your Quick Access Toolbar.

  2. Change the options in the middle box to "Commands Not on the Ribbon".

  3. Find "Auto Correct Options" in the list.

  4. Choose the one with the lightning bolt image next to it.

  5. Click on Add to add it to your Quick Access Toolbar. Learn how here.

If you are using LeaderGuide Pro you already have quick access to the Auto Correct function.

It is on the ribbon in LeaderGuide Pro Plus and LeaderGuide Pro Elements.


All you need to do is bring up the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon and use Auto Correct from there. It's the Lightning Bolt button in the Text/Table Formatting group

Simply follow steps 3 - 5 above to add your own Auto Correct entries.

Hint: To find all of the built-in LGPro Auto Correct entries, also known as Instructional Term Shortcuts, type an = (equal sign) into the shortcut spot.

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