LeaderGuide Pro Plus Version 12 - Coming Soon

LeaderGuide Pro Plus Version 12 - Coming Soon

Anticipated release date: mid-May 2016

If you have a subscription to LeaderGuide Pro Plus you will be able to move to this new release at no cost. Set your software to alert you to updates and you'll be notified when version 12 is available.

Check out the new features!

  1. Time tracking

  2. Agenda time calculator and audit documents

  3. Presenter, Participant and Producer PPT slide notes

  4. Full integration & optimization with Zapps Pro The Collection and george!

  5. Scripting tool for facilitator instructions

  6. Virtual classroom format

  7. Customize lesson block formatting (adjustable column widths)

  8. Delete table row button

  9. Revised data entry prompts

  10. Allow Module page customization

  11. Preference pane revisions

    1. Start modules on odd page

    2. Auto insert lesson time block

    3. Auto insert lesson objective block

    4. PPT Slide numbering options

  12. Nine level Table of Contents

  13. Auto clearing of Page # Sync data when archiving

  14. Smarter resizing of inserted images

  15. Course ID and searchable keywords

  16. Revised PowerPoint TOC tagging function

  17. More Options for Help

  18. Optional IGST feature (extra cost item)

    • The IGST is a scripting template that can be used by content contributors who do not have LeaderGuide Pro. The IGST formats contributor content for rapid conversion to LeaderGuide Pro format once the content is ready to be integrated into a LeaderGuide Pro Facilitator Guide or Participant guide.

Deep Dive

Watch this video of our Chief Product Architect, Rich Michaels, presenting and explaining the new features of LeaderGuide Pro Plus version 12.

Shortcuts for Word Content

Shortcuts for Word Content

A Better Way to Add Images to Word Docs

A Better Way to Add Images to Word Docs